About Us:

I am a team player, humbled by the thought of trying to write good things about myself. Sometimes you see your own faults as just that, instead of as the experiences that have shaped you into who you have become. I can say that; short of brain surgery, there is nothing I can't do, especially with our team. I will brag about the people I bring on a project. From retirees and experienced skilled tradesmen to young strong lads, we are a cohesive group that knows how to get it done. What I don't know how to do, one of our team members does.

I personally went to college to become a main-frame programmer. My college life was interrupted by a recession that left my Father unemployed at the same time that I had a Son on the way into the world. Corporations weren't hiring and I now had a family that needed to be fed, so I left NIU. I was eighteen credit hours short of completing my BS. I made the decision to focus on going into business and making money. PIG Installations was born. This was a successful venture, but it had it's life span too. Fortunately it put me into the groups of people I surround myself with to this day.

I moved on to flipping real-estate and general contracting, opening Insight Maintenance, Inc. I have done work in almost every trade & have staff that is specialized in many trades. Seeing as few businesses survive these days without an online presence, I returned to programming in addition to the construction. What a mixture of talent.

I like to give back, for most of the open source projects I have utilized, I have tried to give back, both in donations and coded module and plugin contributions. I volunteer for volunteer organizations, good causes and my church. I believe in the world, the community, the family and I believe we can all make it better one step at a time whether it a line of code or simply holding a door for an elderly lady. Belief, determination and action is the only thing that overcomes challenges to reach the vision.

I work and communicate well with others. We have a great team that can accomplish almost anything. Whether it is you the customer, one of our workers, or the inspector, I want everyone to be happy. I strongly believe building codes and regulations is a floor to work up from not a ceiling to achieve.

Enough about us, figure out how You want to use us, put us there and You will not be disappointed.

Insight Maintenance, Inc

450 Airport Rd Suite 904
Elgin, IL 60123